Professional Diamond Tester Pen

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Spot Fake Diamonds from Real ones, even if you’re no Jewelry Pro!

A real diamond is the symbol of wealth and prestige. Because it is also the hardest matter on earth, it is even compared to the solidity of a relationship. Diamond jewelry is very expensive and simulations or fakes are going in rounds made by people hoping to make fast money.
Cubic zirconia could pass for a diamond to the untrained eye. If you have this device, you can easily tell if the stones on your jewelry are real or not through indicators. This pen saves you the trip to an appraiser when you need to make a decision fast. The diamond tester is accurate and easy to use. It will help you save your money from fake jewelry and unpleasant characters.
  • Intuitive Design: This Diamond Tester Pen comes with LED lights and audio indication. During a test, if the stone tested is a diamond, the LED lights will light up as the stone passes each test conducted by the Diamond detector. Once our Diamond Tester Pen has completed all of its tests, the pen will make a beep sound as well as show a row of fully lite LED lights.

  • Fast Results: Diamond Tester Pen is designed to deliver fast, accurate results. You will be able to know if something is fake in a matter of seconds.

  • Simple to Use: Diamond Tester Pen is simple to operate to get results; professional(s) are not required. Simply turn on our Diamond Tester Pen detector; place the tip of the Diamond Tester on the gem stone (lightly pressed is sufficient) and If the stone is fake, crystal or cubic zirconia, the tester will not beep. 

  • Portable: This Diamond Tester Pen comes with its own convenient carrying case. 

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    Package Includes:

    1 x Diamond Tester Pen
    1 x Protected leather bag
    1 x Texting Platform
    1 x User manual

    Diamond Tester is a portable device used to test material for its thermal and electrical conductivity. It can indicate if the stone is a real diamond based on its physical properties. Meaning, heat  will pass through a diamond in a different way than it would through white sapphire, for example. To test if a diamond is real, you need to place the tip of the tester on the stone and detect the rate at which heat moves through the stone. If the diamond is genuine, the device indicates that on the display and gives a special sound signal.
    1. The tester is an electronic instrument designed and manufactured according to the thermal conductivity of diamonds to identify the true and false diamonds. It can also be used for testing sapphire, ruby, crystal, agate and other stones.
    2. This tester is a precision electronic instrument, the use environment is 5-35℃, and the air relative humidity is 80%.
    3. The tested gemstone must be clean, dry and at room temperature.

    Steps for Testing:
    1. Install the battery and take off the probe tip cap.
    2. Turn on the switch and make sure the Battery Lamp lights up.
    3. About 30 seconds later, Ready Lamp will light up.
    4. Select a number in calibration chart(we suggest 4 for calibration number) according to temperature and the size of tested stone.
    5. Find the selected calibration number under light bar, and turn the switch toward the direction of ON to let the light bar reach to the place the selected number lies
    6. Start to test diamond or other stones, your hand needs to hold silver triangle conductive plate when testing and the probe tip needs to perpendicular to the tested stone.

    Test Results:
    • If the number of lights equals or exceeds 9, and it beeps, it means the diamond is true.
    • If the lights is about 9 and it beeps, it means the sapphire is true.
    • If the number is 6.5-7, it means the agate is true.
    • If the number is 7-8 , it means the crystal is true.
    • If the number is 6-7, it means the jade is true.
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