• Step 1: Install LEDs 

  • Step 2: Connect properly

  • Step 3: Choose the Software
Windows: Ambibox or Prismatik 
macOS/Linux: Prismatik 
Raspberry Pi: Openelec/Libreelec+Hyperion
Android TV/TV boxs: (Android 5.1 or above): Android Ambilight Application (Third party payment software on Google Play)

Setting up the Ambibox Capture Software

Download Application
Run the Ambibox software. It auto minimizes itself to the system tray. Right click on the icon and select show. Under the "Intelligent backlight display" menu select device and set it as "Adalight". Select the Port and select the COM port of your device. If you're unsure check the device manager.
Note: the USB Port should be CH340(COM*), if not, please download the CH340 Driver.
If select correctly you should see Device Status: Connected, also down the bottom left it will say Adalight: connected.
Here you can also select the capture method. We suggest GDI FS Aero or PlayClaw. Now under number of zones select the number of IC's you have, and it will be one IC for every LED.
Save your settings and give it a test!

Pro Tip: If you find your colors are washing out or seem very white rather than colorful OR getting a white backlight on a pure black screen adjust your gamma settings. It will take a bit of fine tuning but it's worth it!